Supporting My Country 95.5 DUI Report

As part of our commitment to Wyoming, Jamieson Robinson suports the My Country 95.5 DUI Report.

Since 2012, My Country 95.5 radio station in Casper, Wyoming has been an important voice in communicating the tragedies of drunk driving in Wyoming through the weekly DUI Report.  My Country 95.5 provides its audience with important information about the risks and consequences of drinking and driving and those who are directly impacted by drunk driving.  Jamieson Robinson is proud to join My Country 95.5, as the official sponsor of the My Country 95.5 weekly DUI report, to make the communities of Wyoming safer.

The attorneys at Jamieson Robinson have seen first hand the serious and real impact that drunk driving has on everyone in the community — not only the consequences for the victims and for the offender — but the impact it has on families: medical bills and other costs, employment, driver’s licenses — and heart ache.  Jamieson Robinson wants to raise awareness about the danger of drinking and driving and, in turn, reduce the frequency of drunk driving in Wyoming.  If this sponsorship of the weekly DUI report makes one person think twice about drinking and driving, or saves one family the anguish of having to grieve an injury or death caused by a drunk driver – and we believe it will – it is a productive investment in making our Wyoming communities safer places for our families and children.