Rich Jamieson

Jamieson Robinson, LLC
214 S. Grant St.
Casper, WY 82601


Rich Jamieson is one of Wyoming’s pre-eminent lawyers.  After developing into one of Wyoming’s best criminal defense and personal injury attorneys, and arguably the best DWUI defense lawyer and strategist, Rich decided to add a new dimension to his practice — Estate Planning.  Rich now helps those in need of estate and wealth planning – whether it be a simple will; powers of attorney and health care directives; or more elaborate and complicated trusts, family limited partnerships, and wealth succession models. He is committed to ensuring your future is protected and guided according to your wishes. Rich has access to all the latest tools, resources, and updates through his membership in Wealth Counsel and Elder Counsel to accomplish these tasks.

Rich is a Wyoming Native, born in Kemmerer, and raised in Big Piney, graduating from the University of Wyoming with degrees in finance and law.  Between undergraduate and law school Rich worked as a legislative correspondent in Washington, D.C. for United States Senator Alan Simpson. Rich has been President of virtually every group he had joined — high school class, state 4-H fourth council, college student body (ASUW), Natrona County Bar Association, Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, Natrona County Task Force for Alcova reservoir, and the Casper Country Club Board of Directors.  Rich prides himself on the fact that when he takes on a case or involves himself with an organization, he will commit himself and rise to top by using common sense and leadership.

Rich began law school in 1989 and belonged to the Delta Theta Phi law fraternity and the Student Chapter of the Wyoming Trial Lawyer’s Association. He worked for the Defender Aid Program and served a one-semester externship for Justice Richard Macy of the Wyoming Supreme Court. During his senior year, Rich and his partner won the Rothergerber Trial Competition and served as UW’s representative at the National Trial Court Competition.

After graduating from law school in 1992, Rich began his legal career as the Law Clerk for Judges Harry Leimback and Dan Spangler in Casper, Wyoming. In 1994, Rich began a two-year stint with the Wyoming Public Defender’s Office in Casper. While a Public Defender Rich handled almost every type of state crime imaginable – from First Degree Murder, First Degree Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault, and drug crimes to DUI and speeding. In 1996 Rich started his own practice of law in order to spend more time with each client to more effectively represent them and to expand his practice to those injured or killed in accidents. Rich and John formed their partnership in 1998 to further these same goals.

Rich is currently a member of the Wyoming State Bar Association, the Wyoming Trial Lawyer’s Association, Weath Counsel, Elder Counsel, Cowboy Joe and Meals on Wheels.  Rich is particularly proud of his tenure as ASUW President and President of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers where he also served on the Board of Directors for six years and was the Continuing Legal Education Chair for two years, ultimately becoming President.